Cyril Ramaphosa ANC 2017

Join the renewal

Today is a victory for the ANC and South Africa.

We started the campaign knowing that the real work would begin after Conference.

We will build, renew and unite the ANC to improve the lives of our people.

Siyabonga! Siyavuma! Thank You!

We have much work to do if we want to restore the African National Congress to the party of integrity and trust it once was. And we cannot give up now. Let us work together with our newly elected leadership to forge a better future for the ANC and for South Africa. Only with unity can we succeed. Click here to download CR17’s critical tasks.

Why is Ramaphosa good for the ANC?

What does Ramaphosa stand for?

Why is Ramaphosa good for the ANC?

At this moment in the ANC’s history, the movement needs a leadership collective with integrity, commitment and capability. Cyril Ramaphosa has the attributes needed to confront the challenges facing the movement and the country.

He was pivotal in bringing different unions together to form COSATU, in multi-party talks he brought warring parties together to agree on an interim constitution. He was responsible for building NUM into the largest union in South Africa and rebuilding the ANC as a mass-based movement after decades in exile.

In every role he has undertaken, Ramaphosa has demonstrated great skills and ability. He has been successful as a union leader, ANC Secretary General, constitutional negotiator, business person and Deputy President. He has a good understanding of the economy, governance and international politics.

Throughout his time in the unions, ANC, business and government he has insisted on effective financial management and clean governance. When elected as Deputy President, he acted decisively to remove any potential for conflicts of interest.

He guided the development of BEE policy and legislation, contributed to the National Development Plan, negotiated the adoption of a national minimum wage and has championed transformative policies and legislation in the ANC and government. Through his business and foundation, he has promoted black and women professionals, created oportunites for black franchisees, provided bursaries for needy students, incubated black owned small business and supported schools in townships and rural areas.

What does Ramaphosa stand for?

Cyril Ramaphosa stands for the unity, renewal and rebuilding of the ANC and a return to the values of Mandela and Tambo. He stands for a strong and effective movement that leads the people in the fundamental transformation of the economy and society.

A vision, in which the movement listens to the people, works harder to address their concerns and problems and involves them in programmes to improve their lives. He wants ANC members to be empowered and to build ANC branches as sites of social activism. He stands for the restoration of the integrity and revolutionary values of the movement.

Ramaphosa has a plan for transformation, growth and job creation. This includes accelerating the process of meaningful radical economic transformation. It involves getting more young people into jobs and ensuring they have the right skills and qualifications, changing patterns of ownership and control, building our manufacturing base, and making the economy more competitive.

This means that state capture and corruption must end. The ANC must act against those within its ranks who are involved in corruption and state capture and put in place mechanisms to prevent it. Government must be strengthened by reducing wastage, appointing the right people, and ensuring more effective oversight, management and accountability. Public representatives at all levels, particularly councillors, need to be more accountable and responsive to the people they serve.