CR17 is better placed to take the ANC back to our people’s hearts

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Marumo Machete, former journalis, CR17 Blogger
“A strange thing happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe, just a stone’s throw away from my ancestral home – Mapungubwe –and that of Cde Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa. In what democrats like myself wished to never see happen in a level playing field where politics is a fair and square game, the Zimbabwean Defence Forces (ZDF) usurped the political direction of their country meddling with state politics, and activated the machinations that led to the great President Robert Gabriel Mugabe buckling to pressure and tending his resignation, albeit reluctantly.”

Some self-declared democrats riding their high horses have all sorts of excuses as to why the ‘soft coup’ should not have seen the light of day. But it is an undisputable fact that Zanu-PF as the bastion of liberation in Zimbabwe was being molested by a corrupt faction who forgot what the party stood for and what it was formed to attain, a situation that is rearing its ugly head even in South Africa – the land our forebears sacrificed so much to liberate.

In a kind of political master-class, the ZDF saved the revered President Mugabe from himself and spared him the humiliation of presiding over a crumbling dynasty and a shameful legacy of Zanu-PF self-destructing and ‘eating its own children’ while at it. Do not get me wrong and somehow wrap your mind around a false idea that I support military coups because that would be untrue. I hope my fellow South Africans and lovers of the mighty African National Congress realise that our movement is faced with the ‘November 15 Zanu-PF predicament’ that has been long in the making ever since the palace coup we permitted against President Thabo Mbeki and the August 3 disgraceful municipal elections loss. We need to take a stand and rid our broad church of scoundrel-like behaviour and politics of a cabal hell-bent on lining its pockets stopping at nothing and even killing its own comrades for rands and cents.

We need to look to the able leadership of Cde Ramaphosa and leverage his commitment to the struggle, capacity to redirect our derailed revolutionary train and integrity to take our movement to greater heights and a better life for our people.

In this year of OR Tambo, well-meaning ANC members and patriotic South Africans need to rally behind the #CR17 Siyavuma chant and continue the drive to fully emancipate South Africans from the shackles of inferiority and humiliating poverty, lest we risk the Zimbabwe palace melt-down – a route we would not ordinarily take.

If you support a new deal for jobs, growth and transformation, Cde Cyril Ramaphosa deserves your nod and a chance to save South Africa from flying scandal-ridden on auto-pilot not knowing whether the next stop will be a crash-landing or gentle descend.

The ANC needs a Ramaphosa to reclaim its former glory and dignity as a leader of society, directed by ordinary citizens who dedicated their entire lives towards the rallying cry for a better life for all and not a better life only for a few self-serving demagogues and arrogant peasant-disrespecting pricks who forgot the people who voted them into lavish offices – so-called leaders who steal from the movement and state coffers alike without any semblance of pity and guilt.

The ANC under Ramaphosa have the opportunity to reinvent itself for its survival, that of the black child and all South Africans. The CR17 movement must reclaim our movement from the clutches of an insensitive cabal who have the guts to call our people’s votes ‘dirty’- so-called leaders who find it amusing to lie in Parliament to our people under oath, thus taking them for granted. OR Tambo did not struggle to see the ANC deteriorate to this low level ,and the #CR17 movement will ensure that our glorious movement survives to see another day, another century.

Let me also mention that my interactions with our people clearly tells me that the traditional ANC voter – majority of South Africans – are not angry or divorced from the movement but are disgusted by incompetent rogues who have hijacked their party and proud home masquerading as servants of the people.

#CR17 Siyavuma, let’s make it happen…

Marumo Machete, is a former journalist, a media research scholar and a communication specialist employed by the Government of the Republic of South Africa. He writes in his personal capacity.

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