CR17 Voices: You are the transparent leader that will lead us to victory

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CR17 Voices
CR17 Voices Blogger, Moses Ntuli
“Allow me to fearlessly express myself that out of all candidates for presidency, you are indeed the true and transparent leader that will emerge and lead us to victory as the branches are speaking through nominations.”

A lot is being revealed on media about corruption and fraud within our government departments and I am to believe that under your leadership all this will be ancient history. you are true leader that has his own success of which gives you no reason to loot the tax payers money.

Now as a young person Mr Incoming President and am confident about that, young people in this country are less prioritized by our own government. Seminars, Entrepreneurship workshops etc are regularly held in most famous places like Santon, Centurion and Johannesburg. So many young people in rural areas are unable to reach out to those because of limited resources, for example lack of money.

Unemployment is out of order especially for young people both educated and none educated. How do we then combat on the issue of developing young people to be entrepreneurs because privileges goes to those who are very much fortunate and grew up under soft upbringing. Is the NYDA really producing good results as it supposed to be? are youth development divisions in governments departments really prioritize imviselelo yethu mholiwethu?

Honourable Deputy President and incoming ANC President i pledge to serve under your leadership with 100% selflessly. Young people are educated and ready to lead upper structures, please when you are president look into NYDA and youth development directorate under provincial and national governments.

We had arranged with the Gauteng Youth Directorate during the Youth Expo that took place at Nasrec, we mobilized schools and young people in our ward to go and grab opportunities, transport was arranged food was also arranged. We then informed the District of our planned trip wherein the Principals of those schools also agreed. Sir the district denied us and had us to cancel the schools and declared that they already arranged for those schools in our ward to attend the expo. It never happened sir, our schools in townships are neglected and only those high paying fees schools are given preference, i have it on email for evidence. So it is really disturbing to have to experience such ignorance of the black child not given equal opportunities because of where they live.

Pay attention to young people because they are the majority in this country and they are voters, we are to mobilize young people and bring that spirit of OR Tambo to regenerate the love people had for the ANC. Young people only want three things sir: 1. Education 2. Jobs  3. Entrepreneurship opportunities. i believe that will be possible under your leadership.

– Moses Ntuli

Chairperson, ANCYL Ward 33


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