CR17 Voices: Only Cyril Ramaphosa has the capability and vision to restore the ANC

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CR17 Voice Blogger, Ahmed Mohammed Scholtz 
“As a loyal, disciplined, committed and humble member of our august organisation from the time before unbanning being introduced by leader, the late Peter Mokaba in Pietersburg in 1985, I have made it my mission to support the organisation in any way that my capability allowed me to.”

I have developed the motto that it is not what the ANC can give me but what I can give the ANC for a better South Africa for all.

Immediately after the unbanning I went to Shell House to issue a membership card whereby I became a card carrying member.

I was active in the overthrowing of the Mangope regime and was arrested for erecting ANC posters and contracted galvanised poisoning because I used galvanised wire from my scrap yard due to the ANC finances was limited at that time for rope to erect posters.

Myself and Temba Gwabeni led a vibrant rally before 1994 and my truck was used as a float in the election rally.

To make a long story short I served on numerous BECs.

My dreams and hopes in the ANC were shattered when this big time corruption started where I lost hope in our organisation.

Just last week I accompanied President in waiting CR on his visit in Mahikeng whereas instantly I saw in this man the light that HE and only HE have the capability and vision to restore the ANC to its former glory and to make South Africa a better place for all as promised in 1994.

So once again let us unite although here in the North West we are faced with shenanigans that have no respect for CR and have the capabilities and financial means obtained through corruption to eliminate any tread that’s in their path.

But like Martin Luther King Jnr said. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

I thank you.

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