CR17 Voices: What the ANC stands for today in South Africa

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CR17 Voices Gcwelethemba Tshuma
CR17 Voices Blogger, Gcwelethemba Tshuma
“There aren’t many leaders who value conciliatory and community participation more than Cyril Ramaphosa does. South Africa has evolved since 1994 thanks to ANC empowerment of vulnerable communities or indigent persons.”

Today the ANC finds itself in a transition from nationalist politics or populist politics common in Africa to a more advanced modern politics where there is a balance between extreme ends of ideologies to a common space where there is less racism, hate, socioeconomic inequality and gender disparity.

A regress or rather stagnation is worrisome to the gains and strides that government has worked so hard for since 1994. Social cohesion needs to be fostered, young people need to believe again that the South Africa of today is not a curse but it follows through the 1955 Freedom Charter.

It is important for the ANC to consolidate and build further on its past success. A South Africa that is investor friendly, inclusive and progressive.

There is no need to transform social and economic structures that are currently in place. Rather what we need is legal reform that will interpret the Constitutional values of inclusiveness, equity and a representative economic landscape of all the demographics in South Africa from the youth, woman, disabled and workers.

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