CR17 Voices: What makes a suitable ANC leader?

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CR17 Voices Ramaphosa blog
CR17 Blogger and ANC member, Phelelani Sindani.
“A person who is a unifier and who has worked with Unions. The aspect of union knowledge is important considering the break away from COSATU. Comrade Cyril has such experience.”

South Africa Constitution is a very liberal constitution. Comrade Cyril is not only the custodian but one of those who crafted the constitution. So having comrade Cyril not only as the ANC President but also South African is an added advantage to the SADEC Region.

Amongst other reasons we are behind Dep President Cyril Ramaphosa- is that he has the ability to unite the alliance since he himself was a NUM Secretary General. And he served on the ANC top Six (6) as a Secretary General. Him being a business man is an added advantage considering the complexities of the S.A Economy.

Now having such a person not only as an ANC President but also S.A President is a MORE than blessing. Comrade Cyril has served as a Dep President of the ANC and a country. That is more than enough for him to ascend the highest position in the land. The same cannot be said about others who aspire the same position. It might not be in the constitution of the ANC that the D.P SHOULD succeed the incumbent. But the manner in which things have been done in the ANC we choose to follow a pattern that has been working so WELL of handing over the power to the one closer to the seating President. That can’t be changed now because individual’s choose to be innovative at an EXPENSE of the ANC.

So some of us we BOLDLY declare that, Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa must lead us to Radical Economic Transformation Dispensation. Ngena Ramaphosa Ngena. Siyavuma

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