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We’ve heard what you’ve been saying – here are a few select snippets (December 2017)

This Week’s Topic:

Speaking in Mthatha this weekend, Cyril Ramaphosa said the land needs to be returned to its rightful owners. How do you think this should be achieved?

Thank you for a great response! Our CR17 social media channels came alive once again – here are a few excerpts:

“People want the land – but the question is, what are they going to do with it? It is time to think about our economy. Whatever we do politically or socially, let us try to give land only to those who will utilise it for the benefit of the economy – not those who are thinking of building their own Nkandla. – Sibusiso Hlatywako




“Government should first equip youth with the education and skills to work and make use of the land in a productive manner. It is useless to put land in incapable hands.” – Sash Ngebulana



“It should be done constitutionally. Compensation should be paid where land is appropriated from its owners. Land should be given to those who can put it to productive use, so we avoid an experience like Zimbabwe.” – Benson Uwha



“A feasibility and baseline study is required to determine how much land is available and to whom it belongs. We must then develop a comprehensive programme for dividing the land and allocate it for purposeful usage: for human settlement, business development, recreational facilities, and largely for agriculture. For the agricultural programme we should develop a 5-year plan. For the first 4 years we should identify youth from every province and enroll them in various agricultural programmes at universities for focused, purposeful agricultural training. In the 5th year some are allocated farms and subsidised for industrial production. Others are allocated positions as extension officers to mentor and develop existing emerging and community farmers – and then create markets for their products.” – Kgooriekgolo Letsutla



“Government must own the land in South Africa and lease it to those who can use it productively and generate income through leasing.” – Luvuyo Mpambani



“Grant title deeds to farmers on communal land!” – PJ Hope



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