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Siyavuma Facebook Discussions

We’ve heard what you’ve been saying – here are a few select snippets (December 2017)

This Week’s Topic:

Now that the branch nominations have been consolidated at Provincial General Councils, what are your thoughts on the results thus far?

Our CR17 social media channels have been buzzing with this week’s discussion – here are a few excerpts:

“Now it’s time to convince the delegates to vote for a candidate that will take the country forward. We cannot be left in suspension for too long. NDZ leadership has too many unanswered questions, corruption, direction she will take in the economy, her credibility from the fact that she belongs to a faction which wants to protect corruption tendencies. My feeling is that she will do everything to protect Zuma’s legacy and all his inheritance. – Sibawu-two Endliwayini




“We are ready for Nasrec, we will accept the brown envelops and still do the right thing, thus vote CR17 and his collective.” – Saki Gwicana



“CR17 has won the first round being the branch nominations, I can tell you without fear of contradiction that the nomination results represent the views of the ANC membership at large but not only that, they also represent the views of South Africans at large. If you listen to the radio you find ordinary South Africans in numbers choosing Cyril Ramaphosa for the position of the President instead of NDZ, the ANC must learn from this and they must not try their shenanigans to silence the views of the majority because this could come back and haunt them in the future.” – Andile Mrwashu



“Branches have spoken. People are waking up to reality. I am one of those. There are some shocking revelations by the numbers, some embarrassing about candidates we thought would fair well. But numbers don’t lie.” – Mu Ngolosi



“Why are all the candidates nominated so old? It’s all recycled faces. Some fresh blood would be nice. Duarte, Gweezy, NDZ & Cyril must go help raise their grandkids.” – HousewifeOfZimbali



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