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Siyavuma Facebook Discussions

We’ve heard what you’ve been saying – here are a few select snippets (October 2017)

This Week’s Topic: Now that the nominations process has begun, how can we ensure that branch members are able to decide who the nominated candidates are without any interference?

This week our CR17 social media was abuzz with discussion, as can be seen from these excerpts:

“It will be a mammoth task, especially if as a branch you took an opposite view from that of your regional executive.” – Bongani Miselo


Social media discussions


“We need to guard our branches against corruption and make sure that the correct nomination processes take place. All members must be ready to make sure that when nomination day comes they have a copy of their membership form. Please comrades, let’s remind other comrades as well.” – Solomon Mthombeni


social media discussions


“Guidelines from SG on the planning of a branch meeting: minimum notice time of meeting to members; clear statement of location of meeting; what members need to bring to prove membership and that they are who they say they are; start meeting with ANC Oath and an explanation of what it means; there must be a clear statement of the right of individual members to make their own choice – ideally a standard national statement; a secret ballot and a statement of the result; all signed off by the representative. Ideally all branches should be provided with a one-pager from national of those Cdes who have already indicated that they wish to stand. The branch delegates at the elective conference must swear that they will abide by the mandate they are given to avoid post-meeting pressure. This gets a little complex as Cdes shift their preferred positions at the elective conference – but this could be overcome.” – Keith Peacock



“I think delegates from branches should be a mixture of young and older since young delegates are more likely to be tempted than older ones. Older delegates know about struggle and sacrifices, while younger delegates are easier to talk into anything and be bribed. Also, it’s a pity that delegates can’t be subjected to a competency test to check just how familiar they are with the organisation’s laws and mandate.” – Babalwa Plaatjies



“We need to attend our BGMs in numbers and we shouldn’t allow whoever to impose his/her preferred candidate onto us. This matter is subjected to debate at branch level, so we must make sure that we nominate and defend CR17 at all costs. We have to ensure that he is on the candidate list for the upcoming elective conference. Amandla aluta continua.” – Sylvester Musa



“Nomination should accompany debate giving reasons why such a choice is appropriate.” – Sola Adeyinka Mattht


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