Reviving ANC People’s Movement

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Reviving anc as a people's movement

In response to the challenges in the organisation, the conference adopted a number of proposals on how the ANC could be revived as a people’s movement that is responsive and accountable to the masses.

It said the external role of branches working in the community must be reinforced and supported. All branches should have sub-committees that focus on sectors, community issues and campaigns. The ANC should be involved in every issue that concerns people and should drive campaigns without gate- keeping and trying to control the people.

An electronic automated membership system should be introduced so that people can join and renew their membership by SMS and on the internet. The membership list should be in the cloud and available to any executive member. Every branch should have a recruitment strategy to target all sectors of society and different motive forces.

All ANC members must do the membership induction course during their probation period to be trained in the goals, values, principles and structure of the ANC. Induction courses should also be available online.

Communication to branches should be improved and include more topical political and news analysis. Radio Freedom and platforms like podcasts should be used to spread the ideas of the ANC. A professional and permanent election capacity should be established at national and provincial level.

The Policy Institute should be set up as a matter of urgency and given the capacity needed to drive research, policy development, coordination of NEC Policy sub-committees, and monitoring and evaluation.

Public representatives must enjoy good standing in the community. The ANC Electoral Committee must revise the selection guidelines to overcome manipulative practices such as parachuting candidates by PECs and RECs, influencing screening committees and packing community meetings.

To combat corruption, the authority, integrity, standing and capacity of the Integrity Committee needs to be strengthened. Its selection, powers and authority should be incorporated into the ANC Constitution. There was a strong view that it should remain independent, call anyone that it wishes to account and inform the leadership of its decisions.