What Can We Expect From Cyril Ramaphosa As President?

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In honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Oliver Tambo, the ANC has declared 2017 as ‘The Year of OR Tambo’. Several structures have launched Tambo Fridays to celebrate his life and contribution.

The Tambo Friday initiative seeks to deepen unity, promote an activist ANC and encourage cadre development.

It is part of the broader effort to rebuild and renew the movement.

We will profile events and leaders who demonstrate the values and qualities of OR Tambo.


What can we expect from Cyril Ramaphosa as President?

Cyril Ramaphosa as president - he would show carriage and composure

Cyril Ramaphosa’s career, credentials, carriage and composure give many hints as to the type of President he would be for the ANC and for South Africa.

Throughout his career in the unions, business and politics Cde Ramaphosa has shown the political will and the courage, ability and capacity to tackle major issues head on and to resolve seemingly intractable problems.

Cyril Ramaphosa as president - effective strategies.

He has time and again shown strength in working collaboratively in both business and politics, to put together excellent teams and to draw up effective strategies. In this way he has achieved ends ranging from our acclaimed Constitution and National Development Plan to brokering a minimum wage agreement and seeing to fruition projects in support of transformation and emerging black businesses.

Cyril Ramaphosa as president - outspoken against state capture and corruption.

He has spoken out strongly against state capture and corruption. Throughout his time in the unions, ANC, business and government he has insisted on effective financial management and clean governance.

Cyril Ramaphosa as president - a new deal for growth and jobs

The New Deal which he proposes will restore effective and clean governance in South Africa, allowing us to implement a reform programme that will stimulate growth and investment, create jobs and accelerate transformation.

A new deal for jobs, growth and transformation will bring together all social partners, led by a committed and competent leadership team, to implement a bold programme to build and transform the economy of our country.

He knows what we need to do to turn our economy around, and his business acumen, as evidenced in a string of successful business ventures, will stand him and the country in good stead here.

Cyril Ramaphosa as president - a clear vision for a better South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa has a clear vision ­– and the skills, commitment and wherewithal to translate that vision into reality. What he needs in order to realise this vision is the support of the leadership collective, the membership of the ANC and the alliance and the citizens of South Africa. The country deserves nothing less.

Key achievements of Cyril Ramaphosa: The Ideal Leader For The ANC And South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa – Unifier and Builder, Our Future President.

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